Become a Pit Barrel Cooker Master with Bob Hart


From: Saturday July 28, 2018, 12:00 pm

To: Saturday July 28, 2018, 3:30 pm


This astounding barbecue is, quite simply, one of the world’s most ingenious, versatile and innovative cooking devices.

And here is your chance to discover its secrets - from Melbourne pit master Bob Hart who has been a devotee ever since it launched in the US some four or five years ago. 

In the first year of its existence, Hart travelled to Louisville, Kentucky, to stay with its inventor, Noah Glanville with whom he explored, first hand, its possibilities; these two men then worked together in developing and adapting PBC recipes.

The Pit Barrel Cooker, better known as the PBC, is a modestly-priced barbecue which will, quickly and easily, deliver barbecued dishes you may have thought were beyond you. And beyond, for that matter, most barbecues.

Ignite a modest amount of charcoal in the bottom of one of these, put on the lid and the PBC will do the rest. It will roast meat, seafood and vegetables – even fruit – at a steady 135C, imparting seductive wood smoke flavours as it does so.

And if there is something you need to cook with greater urgency, the PBC offers high-heat cooking: simply crack the lid to increase the air flow, and it will show itself to be a powerful convection oven - capable of cooking at temperatures well in excess of 200-250C.

There are few cooks in Australia - or in the US for that matter – who can match Hart’s mastery of the PBC, or the astounding array of dishes he can deliver on it.

Hart, in short, has accumulated knowledge that has made him a master of this remarkable barbecue – knowledge that he is now prepared, through some highly informative and entertaining classes, prepared to share.

Pit Barrel Cooker 101 With Bob Hart: An introduction to the Pit Barrel Cooker – a thorough exploration of the PBC, its simplicity of operation, and astounding array of capabilities. You will emerge from this fascinating class as a master of the PBC capable of executing a range of dishes that the PBC cooks like no other barbecue.

Become a Pit Barrel Cooker Master with Bob Hart: The possibilities of the PBC – this is a detailed exploration which reveals the deepest secrets of the PBC and the unique way in which it can be adapted to almost any barbecue task – smoking, low & slow and even high-temperature roasting with a range of accessories.

After this class you will want to try all the accessories, so have a $100 worth of Pit Barrel Accessories on us (Mush be purchased on the day of the class)


Call (03) 9646 4494 or sign up on line to book for an introductory class on Saturday 30th June, and/or a more advanced class on Saturday 28th July.




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